About HCL

About HCL

Group of Business People


We believe your business growth is directly affected by your people growth. Better people equal better profits. People are your most important ingredient in business success, so we practice & teach these three principles:

  1. Pay yourself first. Develop yourself, then your team members. Lead by example. You simply can’t win by saying one thing and doing another! This is the first law of attraction; say what you mean and mean what you say 100%. Walk your talk.
  2. People over profits. Relationships above results! This principle over time will actually drive better results than that of the ever popular fear based crisis management most employee’s experience week in, and week out.
  3. Prevent a failure to launch! Make it your end goal to launch (fully invest in their learning and development) key team members and associates. Developing them to become the best versions of themselves. Research shows, this will create 25% better employee retention. Championing what’s best for them is actually what’s best for you too!

High Capacity Leaders provides meaningful employee experiences designed to improve job satisfaction and loyalty. These experiences then lead to increased business through significantly enhanced relationships with co-workers, suppliers, and customers.

Our team of “people oriented” experts brings global and local expertise to you in order to reach your immediate high capacity goals.

We employ industry leading tools such as The Judgment Index™ values profile, RightPath® strengths-based assessments and RightPath® LQ360 leadership rating instrument.

Using our proprietary training tools, The Leadership Factory™, Capacity Seven™ (C7™), or The Instant Coach™ we equip and empower your leaders to transform cultures. Our goal is to significantly improve R.O.I. financially and relationally.

Where traditional training programs focus on one time catalytic events with hopes of transforming company behavior, we believe catalytic, while important, must be accompanied by action-oriented workshops and on-going one-to-one leadership coaching.

We develop high capacity leaders who build high capacity teams and companies.

We focus on one thing:

Empowering your team members to take ownership!

Our Motto:

People. Produce. Profits.

Brand Promise:

Better people = Better profits!

Our Strategy:

We develop the 360-degree Leader, a person of influence who is successful at work and at home, because work influences home and home influences work.

Our Effectiveness:

Our clients boast about increased financial R.O.I. and employee engagement.